Kinsman Named Head Softball Coach

Head softball coach Maranda Kinsman

Maranda Kinsman has been named the head softball coach at Tompkins Cortland Community College. Kinsman, who served as an assistant coach last season, replaces Dave Stevenson in the top seat. Stevenson, who will continue to coach the College's women's basketball team, led the Panthers softball team for a total of three seasons.

Kinsman is a graduate of the College and a former varsity basketball player for the Panthers. She says she hopes to build on the experiences she gained from interacting with two of the College's most successful coaches: Stevenson and Brent Doane, Kinsman's basketball coach at Tompkins Cortland and the winningest softball coach in College history. "Coach Stevenson and Coach Doane both were great at relating to their players and making sure they were succeeding in all areas, not just on the field or court. They held their players accountable while still showing them they cared," said Kinsman. "I want to do the same thing."

In addition to her year with the softball team, Kinsman has coached youth softball and basketball. "I want to help build the softball program back to highest levels, competing on the national level," said Kinsman. "I want players with a strong work ethic and who will hold each other accountable. Obviously, skills are important, but I put a lot of value on teamwork, hustle, and communication. Attitude is very important. "

"Our softball program has a tremendous history of success, winning a national championship and four regional titles," said Tompkins Cortland Director of Athletics Mick McDaniel. "Coach Kinsman is committed to carry on that tradition of Panthers softball. Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious, and I look forward to her putting her mark on the program moving forward."